Friday, July 27, 2012

A Great Report

Hudson came through his heart cath very well. God has clearly protected him through the years. He was scheduled to have his third major surgery when he was in China with New Hope but the orphanage directed that he return to their facility in Luoyang. He is several years older than most children are when they have the surgery. Yet from this week's heart cath, the doctors determined that despite the and his serious CHD, his heart was otherwise in very good condition and that pressures were good in his lungs.

We stayed one night in the hospital, which Hudson handled well. I didn't do nearly as well with the 'overnight.' He did like that I gave him ice cream for an early breakfast after he had his x-ray early in the morning after his surgery. Of course, this morning at home he went to the kitchen and opened the freezer drawer in anticipation of having ice cream to begin his day!

Following the cath, the doctor indicated that he is a good candidate for the Fontan Procedure, in which the superior vena cava is redirected to the pulmonary artery. (It's actually more complicated than that but that's the extent of my understanding.) We expect him to have that open heart surgery sometime later this year.

If you look closely you can see Hudson sitting
up as they wheel him to the OR.
We are grateful for the prayers. Hudson handled the anesthesia very well. They gave him some medicine orally before he left us on the gurney so that went very well. He was a much more relaxed Hudson!

The only pain he experienced was when a nurse removed a bandaid from his neck with a less-than-gentle tug.

The procedure actually took less time than the doctor had told us. (I am sure that was his plan.) While we did have to wait a while to actually go to see Hudson, we were confident he was in good Hands the entire time.

Even the six hours after the surgery in which Hudson was supposed to lay calm on his back went relatively well–thanks to Netflix on an iPad.

We are grateful beyond words for everyone who lifted our little guy up to the Father.

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Lesa said...

So wish I had found this sooner. Of course he is always in my thoughts and prayers. He has part of my heart since we met him in China.