Friday, June 15, 2012

First Cardio Appointment

Hudson recently had his first visit with the pediatric cardiologist at VUCH.

He was quite the trooper after an ultrasound, EKG, and an x-ray, along with the requisite waiting and more waiting. He will have a heart cath in July, where doctors will get a much clearer picture of exactly what they are dealing with in his heart.

He had two open heart surgeries in China and is due (actually past due) for the third surgery he needs. The physician was pleased with his heart's ability to "squeeze," given his situation. She also indicated there was no leakage in his heart valves but suggested he may have some narrowing in his artery that they would seek to address in the cath. We are grateful that despite his CHD, he is thriving.



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Lesa said...

Gosh he is so cute!!!!! I love his smile!!!