Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Doing Disney -- Hong Kong Style

On each of our other adoption trips we had flown out Guangzhou, our required and desirable last stop in the country. This time was different. When Northwest Airlines was folded into Delta, it appeared some of the outbound (USA) flights were shifted to Hong Kong. While you still fly out of Guangzhou, we found it much more cost-efficient to leave from HK.

So given that we had to be in Hong Kong, the suggestion was made by friends that we take the opportunity to spend an extra day there and visit Disney. While I was cool to the idea at first, I warmed to it and made the necessary arrangements. Now having done, would I recommend it? That depends.

While we were low on energy after 2 plus weeks in China, we handled that aspect fairly well. The tickets were reasonable, primarily because it is a small Disney park. It is roughly equivalent to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. The issue I did not consider was that rides that were suitable for Gracee and James, as 8 year olds who knew English (and who understood what we were going to experience) were at times not all that suitable for Hudson, who is 5 and knew only Chinese. (And I don't.)

He didn't find much joy in fighting Zurg with Buzz Lightyear or contending with a volcano on the Jungle Cruise. In fact he screamed and wildly clutched whoever was next to him! So... It is a neat little Disney park (while not as clean as WDW) but it can be a bit overwhelming for a little guy who just met his mommy or daddy a few days earlier. But that didn't stop me from taking pictures!

Every one was perk and happy on bus ride from the hotel to the park.

It was a little bit of hike from the parking lot to the park itself. There are no monorails here!
A surfing Mickey greets you as you draw closer to the front gates.



A ride on the Disney Railroad is a nice, calm way to start your visit.





Chip and Dale were waiting om Main Street to greet us. It was our only character encounter of our visit, which I am sure was a relief to Hudson. It helped that the line was short (somewhat less familiar characters) and dad was waiting in an even longer line to rent a stroller. For the price I paid I could have bought one in Guangzhou and left it behind in the park!

Dad is still waiting in the stroller line!


















Hudson loved the streamers that fell from the ceiling after the Golden Mickeys show. We all loved it because it was inside and air conditioned.











A slightly smaller Cinderella's castle with hills of Hong Kong as a backdrop.

While not real excited about the carousel, Hudson was willing to take the pony for a ride.

Gracee found the merry go round much more satisfying.

And the Red Bus Project was promoted, although it would be a long drive to HK.

Hudson found the garbage can to be the most fun item in the park, except for the gift shops!






And yes, we went to It's a Small World. Despite the fact I have a serious dislike to the ride. And I think it is the same as the one at WDW.

(I will post more Disney shots later. Think this post is long enough already.)

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Lesa said...

I love it! I can imagine how it would be hard for him to understand it was suppose to be fun. Such a sweet memory though.
Check out our blog for Evan's first Disneyland experience. He had just a little bit more English at that time than Hudson... He loved it. His favorite was the train and meeting Mickey and Pooh Bear.

As a matter of fact we are going to WDW at the end of next week!!! Wish we could meet you there someday.